About Us

We're helping companies execute the perfect event.

Flok offers end to end corporate event planning services. We combine our innovative planning dashboard with experienced human event planners to provide your team with the best event experience possible.

Flok representatives at IMEX
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Flok on site coordinators at Wrapbook retreat

Our team averages 10+ years in hospitality & event management

Flokkers have organized hundreds of events for teams of 10 to 1,000+

Flok is proud to be an officially IATA accredited travel agency

Meet the team

Flok has a team of venue sourcing and event planning experts with hundreds of years in combined experience. Our goal is to make sure our clients have the best event experience possible.


Harris Stolzenberg's Avatar

Harris Stolzenberg

Cofounder & CEO

Jared Hanson's Avatar

Jared Hanson

Cofounder & CTO

Meg Rodzen's Avatar

Meg Rodzen

Director of Account Management

Andrew Busel's Avatar

Andrew Busel

Software Engineer

Venue Sourcing

Allison Bland's Avatar

Allison Bland

Account Manager

Angela Winnett's Avatar

Angela Winnett

Support Team

Angie Ness Fisher's Avatar

Angie Ness Fisher

Support Team

Flavia Udkow's Avatar

Flavia Udkow

Support Team

Jeff Delmay's Avatar

Jeff Delmay

Account Manager

Jennifer West's Avatar

Jennifer West

Senior Account Manager

Kristen Collins's Avatar

Kristen Collins

Account Manager

Maria Von Rueden's Avatar

Maria Von Rueden

Account Manager

Jeff West's Avatar

Jeff West

Support Team

Event Planning

Alex Benham's Avatar

Alex Benham

Event Planner

Alexis Katsilometes's Avatar

Alexis Katsilometes

Event Planner

Allison DiCaro's Avatar

Allison DiCaro

Senior Event Planner

AnnMarie Congimi's Avatar

AnnMarie Congimi

Event Planner

Christine Swierczek's Avatar

Christine Swierczek

Event Planner

Lauren Witte's Avatar

Lauren Witte

Senior Event Planner

Deb Galli's Avatar

Deb Galli

Event Planner

Denise Barnhart's Avatar

Denise Barnhart

Senior Event Planner

Erin Laboy's Avatar

Erin Laboy

Event Planner

Jamie Cheney's Avatar

Jamie Cheney

Event Planner

Josie Williams's Avatar

Josie Williams

Event Planner

Lindsey Thompson's Avatar

Lindsey Thompson

Senior Event Planner

Maddy Tillotson's Avatar

Maddy Tillotson

Event Planner

Sam Reeves's Avatar

Sam Reeves

Event Planner

Sarah Dyerson's Avatar

Sarah Dyerson

Event Planner

Sara Jessica Palmer's Avatar

Sara Jessica Palmer

Event Planner

Shawn Wier's Avatar

Shawn Wier

Event Planner

Tiff Wales's Avatar

Tiff Wales

Senior Event Planner

Our Software

Our custom built software makes the event planning process a breeze. From event conception all the way through to execution, our powerful software has you covered.

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Event Website

Create a beautiful event website using Flok's dashboard.


Generate questions that your attendees can answer directly on the event website.


Track all of your attendees in one centralized place.


Generate customized reports like rooming lists and ground transportation groupings.


Build your own customer itinerary & display it on your event website.


Use Floks' internal system to assign planning tasks to different members of your team


Send registration emails and custom reminders all within Flok's internal dashboard

Flight Tracking

Collect flight info in one place so you can easily track arrival and departure times


Receive alerts when attendees make changes to things like check in date, activities, etc